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Vote For Ken Lester Seminole County Judge Group 5
A Lifetime of Service.
A Lifetime of Experience.
Judicial Experience.
Business Experience.
Combat Veteran.


 Judicial candidate Ken Lester has earned the respect and support of community leaders in Seminole County with his long history of making fair and sound decisions on the judicial bench as a former Circuit Judge.  Community leaders support Ken Lester. 

Left to right:  Sheriff Dennis Lemma; State Attorney Phil Archer; Former Circuit Judge Ken Lester; President of Seminole County Association of Women Lawyers Debra Ferwerda; Chief Assistant Public Defender for Seminole County Jeff Dowdy.

In the CFCDLA 2020 poll of  prosecutors and defense attorneys for Seminole County Circuit Judges;  Ken Lester, former Circuit Judge, who is running in Seminole County's Group 5, was rated the number #1 Circuit County Judge in the criminal division for 9 out of 10 years.  


Anonymous quote from the comment section: "One of the great pleasures in doing felony work in Seminole County is appearing before Judge Lester. He is courteous to counsel, patient with troublesome clients, and diligent in the management of his trials and dockets. Judge Lester invented the "Rocket Docket". He is fair to Defendants who express remorse and accept responsibility when guilty, but has no patience with anyone who attempts to be disruptive or difficult. He provides fair and impartial trials but imposes stiff sentences on those who lose at trial. The Seminole County bar is sad about his impending retirement and we all hope he'll come back in a Senior Judge capacity."

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