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About Ken Lester

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy to be your next Seminole County Court Judge for Group 5.

I have a proven zeal for justice and a passionate dedication to make sure that every citizen is treated respectfully and appropriately when they appear in court.  My 16 years of practice as an attorney and 24 years of experience as a former circuit judge here in Seminole County will be for the benefit of all not just a few. Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr. said:

"The life of law has not been logic; it has been experience."

What I bring to the bench is first hand experience as a lawyer, businessman, veteran and judge.  My exposure to our legal and economic system allows me to understand both sides of the argument. The interpretation of the law must always be done with great deference to the particular set of facts before the court.   Each case and person is different.  It takes great experience to properly analyze the case so that the decision is just and accepted by all.  I demand no less of myself nor should you.


The Family Story

I have been married for 38 years to my wonderful wife, Dorothy Sedgwick. She is a retired career Prosecutor for the 9th Judicial Circuit (Orlando) and was the chief of the homicide division.  She began practicing law at the  age of 24 after graduating from Law School at the University of Florida.

We have two children, Alexandra and Kenny. Alexandra is an attorney and her husband Oless is an engineer. They live in Chicago with their two daughters Zara and Eva.

Kenny lives in Orlando and works for UWN out of Dubai.  He is involved in amateur and professional wrestling at all levels.  Both of our children attended Seminole County Public Schools from elementary through high school.  Alexandra studied at the University of Florida and Kenny studied and wrestled at Arizona State University. 

My parents, Ken and Dolores Lester, were both born in Chicago. They moved to Florida when my father's job with Martin Marietta caused him to be transferred.  He joined the Navy at the age of 16 and fought in combat in World War II. His father fought in combat in World War I.  

My father graduated from the University of Illinois as a civil engineer.  He earned a Masters of Business Administration from Rollins College.  They raised a family of four children in Orlando.  My mother, who is 91, worked for the State of Florida at U.C.F.. She still does her own bookkeeping to this day. 

My father-in-law, Ernest Sedgwick joined the army as a teenager.  While as a teen, he fought in combat in Korea.  In addition to being a linguist for the Army, he retired as a Green Beret, Ranger and proud member of the 82nd Airborne Division.

In addition to operating my own law office and associated practice, I owned several businesses with partners.   Our automated car wash facilities known as American Superwash Centers were located on Highways 436 in Casselberry and 434 in Altamonte Springs.  We also manufactured car wash equipment.  The businesses continue to operate to this day.  In South Florida, we owned Florida I.V. Care, a home health care company.  The business had three pharmacists who compounded drugs at our in house pharmacy for home health care use.  Two other divisions specialized in durable medical equipment and high tech nurse staffing.  When I became a Circuit Court Judge, the judicial code of conduct required me to divest my interests in all ongoing businesses.