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Attorneys For Ken

Ryan Yadav - Law Office of Ryan Yadav
Warren Lindsey - Lindsey and Ferry, P.A.
Gary Siegel - Law Offices of Gary Siegel
Ken Andrews - Andrews and Andrews Law, P.A.
Jaya Balani - Balani Law, P.A.
Steven Barcus - Law Offices of Steven L. Barcus
Matthews Bark - Matthews R. Bark, P.A.
Corey Cohen - The Law Offices of Corey I. Cohen
John Gihon - Shorstein, Lasnetski and Gihon
Elizabeth Jupena - Law Offices of Elizabeth Jupena
James Jupena - Law Offices of James Jupena
John Klein - The Klein Practice, PLLC
Eric Ludwig - Law Office of Eric W. Ludwig
Randy McClean - McClean Law Group
Dean Reed - The Law Offices of Dean A. Reed, P.A.
Chris Sprysenski - The Florida Family Law Firm
Tim Straus - Straus Law, P.A.
Catherine Davey - Davey Law Group, P.A.
Harvey Cohen - Cohen Law Group
Eric Faddis - Law Offices of Eric H. Faddis, P.A.
Armando R. Payas - Payas, Payas and Payas
Carlos Payas - Payas, Payas and Payas
Bryan Hugo - Law Office of Bryan C. Hugo, P.A. 
Bryce Fetter - Bryce A. Fetter, P.A. 
Frank Nisi - Nisi Law Firm, P.A.
Robert Wilkins, Jr. - Robert C. Wilkins, Jr, P.A. 
Tim David - David and Philpot, P.L.
Octavio Andrade - Law Office of Andrade, P.A. 
Carmine Bravo, Retired County Judge
Sam Filler - The Filler and Hedlum Law Firm
Robert Fisher - Law Office of Robert B. Fisher
Manny Hernandez - H. Manuel Hernandez, P.A.
Jack Kaleita - Law Offices of Jack A. Kaleita, P.A. 
Brian Byrd - ByrdLaw, P.A.
Marshall Adler - Marshall S. Adler, P.A.
Julian Kemp - Law Office of Julian T. Kemp
Russ McLatchey - Law Office of Russell F. McLatchey, P.A.
William Orth - Law Offices of William S. Orth
Stan Silver - Stanley M. Silver, Attorney at Law, P. A. 
Jessica Damoth - Jessica Damoth, P.A. 
Andy Chmelir - Jacobson, Chmelir and Ferwerda
Amanda Jacobson - Jacobson, Chmelir and Ferwerda
Debra Ferwerda- Jacobson, Chmelir and Ferwerda
Heidi Isenhart - Shuffield, Lowman and Wilson, P.A. 
Grace Ann Glavin - Law Offices of Grace Anne Glavin, P.A.
John Horan, Former - Seminole County Commissioner
Clay Simmons, Former Chief Judge, 18th Judicial Circuit
Ryan Cipparone - Cipparone and Cipparone, P.A. 
Mark Nation - The Nation Law Firm
Jeff Dowdy - Office of The Public Defender, 18th Circuit
Evan Greene - Law Office of Evan Greene
Tim Moran - The Law Office of Timothy A. Moran, LLC
Isadore Hyde - The Law Offices of Isadore Hyde, P.A.
Julian Kemp - Law Office of Julian T. Kemp

Mike Nielsen - Nielsen Law Firm
Dave Webster - The Law Office of David A. Webster, P.A.
Mark O'Mara - O'Mara Law Group
Bert Barclay - O'Mara Law Group
Mira Berry - Law Office of Mira Berry, LLC
Jack Mannion - Mannion Law LLC
Norberto Katz - The Veliz Law Firm
Rebekah Taylor - Children's Legal Services
Thomas Greene - Law Office of Thomas C. Greene
Erin Greene - Erin L. Greene, P.A.
Terry Bledsoe - Law Office of Terry L. Bledsoe
Ken Bevan - Law Office of Kenneth Bevan
David Beers -Beers and Gordon, P.A.
Damon Chase - Chase Freeman
Steve Coover - Stephen H. Coover, PLLC
John (Jack) Baldwin - Baldwin and Morrison
Richard Mamele - Mamele Law PLLC
James A. Barks - Barks Law Firm
Thomas Freeman, Former Circuit Judge
Glenn Klausman - Glenn Klausman P.A.
Christopher Morrison- Christopher H. Morrison, P.A.
James J. Partlow - Gray, Gorenflo and Parlow, P.A.
James Vickaryous - James G. Vickaryous, P.A.
John Namey - Office of the State Attorney, Phil Archer
Mark NeJame - NeJame Law, P.A. 
John Morgan - Morgan and Morgan
Kenneth McIntosh - Retired
Rajan Joshi -  Joshi and Schisani Law Firm, P.A.
Charles Hart - Charles C. Hart II, P.A.
Kayla Marshall - Joshi and Schisani Law Firm, P.A.
Chris Schisani - Joshi and Schisani Law Firm, P.A.
Ted Marrero -  Marrero Law Firm, P.A.
N. Diane Holmes - N. Diane Holmes, P.A. Family Law Group
Steve Laurence - Steven L. Laurence, P.A.
Kristopher Cruzada - Law Office of Kristopher M. Cruzada, P.A.
Bridget Friedman - Friedman Law, P.A. 
Irwin Sperling - Irwin N. Sperling, Attorney at Law, P.A.
Manuel Acevedo - Law Offices of J. Manuel Acevedo, P.A. 
Dennis Salvagio - Dennis L. Salvagio, P.A. 
Michael S. Herring - Herring and Herring, P.A. 
Scott Herring - Herring and Herring, P.A.
Brad Davis- Rumberger  Kirk & Caldwell, P.A. 
Lan Kennedy- Davis - Rumberger Kirk &Caldwell, P.A.
Mitzi Motsinger - Motsinger Law and Mediation, P.A.
Grady Ayres - Grady G. Ayers, P.A
Tim Snedaker - Snedaker Law, PLLC
Grace Anne Glavin - Law Office of Grace Anne Glavin, P.A.
Jeff Leukel -  Office Of the Public Defender
John Knutton - Law Office of Deborah N. Hartwell
Penny Creech - Law Office of Deborah N. Hartwell
Barbara Dirienzo -  D.C.F., Children's Legal Services
Richard Weisberg - Law Offices of Richard H. Weisberg, P.A.
Brad Conway - Law Office of Bradley A. Conway, P.A.
Charles Hart - Charles C. Hart II, P.A.