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Host Committee

Ryan Yadav - Law Offices of Ryan Yadav
Mark O'Mara - O'Mara Law Group
Bert Barclay - O'Mara Law Group
Dave Webster - The Law Office of David A.Webster, P.A.
Mira Berry - Law Office of Mira Berry, P.A.
Jack Mannion - Mannion Law LLC
Robert Fisher - Law Office of Robert B. Fisher
Armando R. Payas - Payas, Payas and Payas
Julian Kemp - Law Office of Julian T. Kemp
Rajan Joshi - Joshi and Schisani Law Firm, P.A.
Gary Siegel - Law Office of Gary Siegel
Mark NeJame - NeJame Law, P.A.
Harvey Cohen - Cohen Law Group
Clayton Simmons - Clayton D. Simmons, P.A.
Ted Marrero - Marrero Law Firm, P.A.
Brad Conway - Law Office of Bradley A. Conway, P.A. 

Warren Lindsey - Lindsey and Ferry, P.A.
John Morgan - Morgan and Morgan
Debra Ferwerda - Jacobson, Chmelir and Ferwerda
Manuel Acevedo - Law Offices of J. Manuel Acevedo, P.A.
Ryan Cipparone - Cipparone and Cipparone, P.A.
Jeff Dowdy - Office of the Public Defender, 18th Circuit
Norberto Katz - The Veliz Law Firm
Marshall Adler - Marshall S. Adler, P.A.
Thomas Greene - Law Office of Thomas C. Greene
Mark Nation - The Nation Law Firm
Rebekah Taylor - Children's Legal Services
Andy Chmelir - Jacobson, Chmelir and Ferwerda
Carlos Payas - Payas, Payas and  Payas
Brian Byrd - ByrdLaw, P.A.
Corey Cohen - The Law Offices of Corey I. Cohen
Charles Hart - Charles C. Hart II, P.A.