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Leaders In The Legal Community Endorse Candidate Ken Lester

"Ken was our Seminole County Circuit Judge for 24 years.  He brings to the county bench the benefit of his vast experience along with his stellar reputation.  County Court is 'the people's court' and Seminole County with Ken Lester as County Judge will remain a great place to live work and raise a family."

"Experience makes all the difference in the world.  Ken was a highly rated Circuit Judge for 24 years with both civil and criminal experience. He is committed to continuing to serve Seminole County with equal justice for all our citizens.  He's earned my endorsement and more importantly he's earned your endorsement for Seminole County Judge." 

"As your State Attorney,  I work closely with the judges.  No Judicial Candidate has the depth and the breadth of Ken Lester's experience.  Both the prosecution and criminal defense attorneys respect his temperament, knowledge and integrity.  When we elect Ken we get a seasoned jurist and great public servant."

"As your Chief Assistant Public Defender, I represent people charged with criminal offenses for their Seminole County case.  I can say without reservation that Ken Lester's experience and courtroom management skills are renowned throughout the Central Florida legal community.  He's efficient and effective and ensures that the rights of all parties are protected. "

"I'm Grant Maloy and I am your Seminole County Clerk of  the Circuit Court.  I've known Ken Lester for many years.  More importantly, I know his reputation for fairness and respect for litigants and courtroom personnel.  A vote for Ken is a vote for Seminole County's standard of living.  With his experience, We All Win!"

"Best judge there ever was...Compassion goes a long way with me."